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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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which is six times the size of says -- san francisco. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. an estimated 25,000 people have been evacuated. 400 are reported missing. here is a map of the fires. two fires on the sonoma and napa countyline have merged into one. the tubbs fire the brand from calistoga into santa rosa is just 10% contained. it has burned nearly 35,000 acres. the atlas fire spans from napa and solano counties and has burned almost 44,000 acres and is 7% contained. >> fire crews in the air and on the ground are working hard to keep the flames from spreading into the city of sonoma. firefighters said they are making important headway. the area remains in danger. fire crews are carving up buffer lines to eliminate dry brush and other vegetation that embers can fall on and ignite.
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>> they are not out of the woods but the effort continues and will continue for the next week or so. >> the largest fire in sonoma county is the tubbs fire. it has burned nearly 35,000 acres and containment is at 10%. another fire near highway 29 and yountville continues to grow. some of the top areas of concern are mount veeder and dry creek. many people have left that area but people who are there have been told to be ready to evacuate. >> this is the largest fire we've seen. who knows what it will do. our house is on the edge of it. we are prepared to evacuate. >> i am a little on edge. we have basically everything packed up, lined up in the hallway ready to go. >> we've had to begin fire activity on mount veeder for
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the last couple of days. it's working down to dry creek where there are numerous houses and we are attempting to get engines on there to protect them. >> flare ups and blowing embers continue to be a risk throughout the area. fire crews continue airdrops through the day to keep the fires away from homes and businesses. there is a new voluntary evacuation order and napa county. people who live in the areas west of highway 29 between the oakville grade and rutherford road are being asked to gather their belongings and stand by in case the nuns fire comes closer. several vineyards are also in this area east of highway 29. firefighters are hoping to gain ground today on the fire near downtown sonoma before the weather changes. >> alex savidge is between glen allen and boyes hot springs? >> reporter: in that area on the west side, i beg your pardon, on the east side of highway 12.
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we are just one mile up middle mountain road. that's a road that comes to a dead end. firefighters are trying to make a stand and keep this fire for moving into the city of sonoma itself. they are trying to make sure that the fire does not cross this particular road. on the other side of the road they had dozier's come in to carve out a fire break. what you're looking at here is not part of the edge of a fire. this is a backfire that's been said. ecru here is from the oakland fire department continuing to monitor this particular backfire while at the same time they are doing structure protection on a number of homes along moon mountain road. all of those homes are still okay as far as we know. the fire itself is a few miles north of downtown sonoma. i want to show your video from yesterday. air tankers came in and made drops on the leading edges of
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this fire. those bulldozers also came in to carve out fire lines, trying to create fire breaks so fire crews can gain more containment on this fire. this is part of the tubbs fire complex. a number of different fires. they have 10% containment but are hoping that figure will grow. fire crews are trying to keep the flames from moving into the sonoma valley edsel. more than 30,000 people live in this area. many have already left. there are some mandatory evacuation orders in place for some people. people who live and work in town are hoping that firefighters can make a stand. >> i don't think it can get to the city but i'm nervous that if the wind picks up it could hit the businesses. >> reporter: we should point out there on a mandatory evacuation orders in the city
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of sonoma. the entire city is not under a mandatory evacuation order. when you get to the outskirts of town, especially where we are on the northern edge of town and also the eastern side of town, there are areas that have been shut off people who leave are not allowed to return for safety reasons. firefighters are actively working to try to control those planes. we have a crew from the oakland fire department here right now and they are working to keep tabs on this backfire that's been set. they will burn out some of these trees and try to make this road, moon mountain road, a fire break, a place where they stop this fire in its tracks and keep it from spreading into the town of sonoma itself. we need to stress that it still several miles from downtown sonoma. because of weather conditions yesterday, very favorable conditions, the fire crews were able to make some headway. >> you mentioned earlier that
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it's great to see the fire crews behind it. there are a number of engines on that road and they are doing a lot of backfire. you talk to firefighters in the last couple of days. are they able to do more containment work at this point? >> reporter: yes. they certainly are. in this particular area, the focus is on the leading front of the fire. and making sure it does not continue to spread beyond this point. that is the focus. and other areas you have a lot of fire crews that are on the ground and working to build containment lines around other parts of the fire. and they are gaining some ground. as you can tell from our shots, you have very calm conditions. there is not even a breeze to speak of. part of the reason there is smoke in this area, i bet if we swung around here to show folks
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how much smoke is in the air, you can see that in the headlights, that gives you a sense. we have smoke sitting on top of us here. it's pretty thick this morning. this is some of the thickest we've dealt with and that is in large part because we have zero wind to speak of. that could change later this afternoon and this evening. >> thank you for that live report. when you think back to sunday night when the fire was out of santa rosa and we saw what that did when the wind picked up, these fire crews are trying to prevent that fire from coming down. >> the keyword is there's no breeze at all. if there was a breeze it would be coming down.
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that would be a major concern but that's not the case here. >> the ridge tops, and then these embers -- >> plus the temperatures. i think there in the 40s versus 70s like we had on sunday. a huge difference. a smoke advisory continues. it's not as bad today. that could pick up later as the wind picks up. this is all wind direction driven. if you get a northwest wind, it will head more toward contra costa county. a north wind will bring it more toward oakland and points south. yesterday it was moreover marin county and san francisco and the peninsula. it verizon wind direction and speed. 30s, 40s and 50s with a breeze picking up this evening. atlas peak, northeast at 8. the humidity is pretty high. you are getting some 30s for the temperatures. that will help along with high humidity. in santa rosa, northeast but
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not that strong. it will pick up tonight. the wind advisory starts at 11 pm tonight and that will take us into saturday. that's when the red flag warning comes in. the one we had the other day never really materialized. the strongest gusts were in the east bay. tonight be expected to be in the north and east bay. 39, santa rosa. very cool readings. there's hardly any breeze. they are getting a break. i'm sure they're trying their best to get a stamp on that. it is going to pick up later this afternoon. this is the system and the pacific northwest. when that comes through we will be on the driver side and then the gusts will pick up. that will be later tonight. around napa county, i cannot found much wind. highs in the 60s and 70s. we begin a warm-up this weekend. the worst possible thing is
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to cough when they come to you. it happens. let's look at the commutes. traffic is going to be busy and fire areas. 37 is busy but it's open. so is highway 101. 101 has a lot of closures from windsor through santa rosa and mostly in the santa rosa burned area near coffey park and fountain grove. you are going to see a lot of those ramps closed and manned by chp or other local law enforcement agencies. we do have a look at the east shore freeway. the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. traffic will be moderately heavy. at the bay bridge we have a backup. about 10 minutes. interstate 880 is fine in both directions. the sunol grade is not fine from pleasanton down through the sunol grade because of some earlier accidents that are now clear. traffic is heavier than normal.
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880 is slow through hayward but 580 looks good into castro valley. some people who live in the area with the atlas fire started on sunday are being allowed back into the neighborhoods. mandatory orders have been lifted for some areas under the silverado country club. we spoke with one person as he went back home last night. he said he is grateful his house on burningtree court narrowly escaped the fire. >> i think you are more empathetic when you almost experienced it yourself. you know what it felt like to think, i may have lost everything that i own and i'm homeless. that's pretty devastating. >> authorities lifted mandatory evacuation orders for the areas around monticello park and the avenues in napa. on the eastern flank of the atlas fire, officials are starting to talk about letting people return to the neighborhoods. the number of firefighters working this fire has tripled. additional strike teams along with better weather conditions
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has some people cautiously optimistic. >> this morning when i woke up and saw smoke again it was nerve-racking but they are on it. we are feeling better. >> the mother of four says she is ready to evacuate. her car is packed with family photos, a teddy bear and her children's artwork. school closures expanding again. several districts in the east bay are closed because of poor air quality. that includes pittsburg and antioch unified. vallejo city, phoenicia, john swett and west contra costa. the martinez and mount diablo districts will be closed again and all school districts in marin county decided to cancel class today. for a complete list of closures go to our website at pg&e made progress overnight nearly 50,000 customers were without power because of the fires. as of 4 am, that number was
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34,000. about 70% of the current outages are still in the santa rosa area. the others are in the napa area. our coverage continues in just minutes. we will show you how the national guard in california is battling flames from the air. a traffic nightmare in the east bay. a big rig caught fire in the caldecott tunnel.
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the california national guard share this video. you can see one of the countless water drops above the wildfire. as many as 1600 personnel from the guard are here supporting the firefight. another fire is burning along highway 12 in napa. >> containment was at 3%. allie rasmus is and napa with news about the fires burning out of control and napa county. >> reporter: there are several significant fires and napa. the largest was the atlas fire. 43,000 acres in eastern napa county. the good news is even though it's the largest fire, there have been no new evacuation or voluntary evacuation orders issued for that fire. where we are is the western end of the county come near the communities of yountville and oakville. behind us what you see our flames from the nuns fire.
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this was the norrbom fire and nuns fire. they combined over the last 24 hours. here's a map of what it looks like from cal fire. according to the latest update, the nuns fire and the presley and adobe fires are burning in higher elevations. the nuns fire is mostly burning and parts of sonoma county but also has crossed into west napa county. yesterday evening they appeared to threaten homes in the communities of oakville and yountville. residents of the yountville veterans home were told to shelter in place. dozens driving on highway 29 could see a wall of smoke towering over the hills around mount veeder. >> we've had significant fire activity on mount veeder for the past couple of days. it's working down to dry creek. we have numerous houses there that we are attempting to get engines there to protect them. >> reporter: what we are
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showing you is part of the nuns fire in the foothills of mount veeder. we have been watching it move in the last hour or so. the flames were more visible in this canyon behind us. now you can see fire on the right-hand side of the screen although it does not look like -- we've not seen any trees a flareup. it looks like the fire is further down in the canyon moving west. we can see an orange glow and smoke behind the hill. we are less than one mile from highway 29. we are just off of oakville grade and our closest local reference point is the carmelite monastery. there were some voluntary evacuations put into place between night into a.m. for some of the homes in this area. these are people living west of 29 between oakville grade and rutherford road.
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that is a voluntary evacuation. >> i'm glad you gave us specifically where you are. many people know the area of oakville and yountville. there are lots of restaurants and wineries. did you see any flames from 12 or 29? or is it further in the hills at this point? >> it's definitely further up into the hills. flames have not crept down closer to the highway or any of the vineyards that are visible from the highway. as far as we can see, this is the closest we could get to the fire. it's hard to know how many miles away we are from it, especially in the dark. we are in an area where we feel safe. it's far enough away that we are confident it will not raced down the hill anytime soon. again, what they are worried about and the reason they put
6:20 am
out these voluntary evacuations, 12 to 24 hours before they think there is the possibility of a worst-case scenario. we have been mentioning that red flag warning that goes into effect later this evening and through tomorrow. it may be that they are calling for people to be prepared to leave in case conditions change. >> that is a good point. thank you. residents and business owners in sonoma can apply for disaster aid to cover losses. fema announced there are grants available for temporary housing, home repairs and property losses not covered by insurance. the assistance will likely be expanded to other counties and fema said they will offer more assistance in the near future. tax relief could be on the way to people whose properties were damaged in sonoma county. county officials announced they
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are working to identify and adjust property values and tax bills on properties that have more than $10,000 of damage. taxpayers with impound accounts should contact their lender to inform them of the change in the status of their property. 6:21 am. some of our first responders are finding themselves victims of the fires. coming up we will show you the firefighters who lost their homes and how you can help them. local authorities are staying busy in the evacuation zones. we will have more on an arrest that was made.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this morning, a big rig caught fire going through the caldecott tunnel. the truck driver was able to get out okay but both boars of the tunnel eastbound were closed down for more than an hour starting at 1 am. that resulted in a big backup as cars were detoured to fish ranch road. both tunnels are open. so far there are 17 confirmed fire related deaths in sonoma county. 10 victims were named yesterday. >> on your screen are the the rooms who have been identified. they range in age from 57 up to 95.
6:25 am
the sonoma county sheriff said they were identified through dental records, fingerprints, tattoos and in some cases medical devices that were implanted in them such as joint replacements. iauthorities say looting has not been a significant problem in the evacuation zones but yesterday sonoma county deputies arrested morgan plummer. a neighbor reported seeing him take a pair of sunglasses out of the car and it evacuation area. one searched deputies found the sunglasses and an emergency fire shelter taken from a firefighter and tools that had previously been reported stolen from a vineyard management company. 40 firefighters have lost their homes while battling the fires. the battalion chief with the nevada fire department is among them. he showed us what was left of his home in the larkfield neighborhood of santa rosa. he was out of town when the fire started and did not have the chance to get his belongings. everything is gone including his wife's wedding ring.
6:26 am
>> i was here for most of the day yesterday sifting through stopped looking for that. it's not necessarily the monetary value, it's the emotional connection that we have two that and these other things can be replaced. >> captain bates with the alameda county fire department also lost his home. after getting his daughter to safety, he went back to evacuate his neighbors knowing his house had been destroyed. the international association of firefighters has set up a fund. many firefighters are still working on the fire lines and have not had a chance to assess the damage will be with their families. so far they go find a hero account has raised about $35,000. if you would like to make a donation, we have a link on our website. complete coverage of the fires continues in a moment.
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we will tell you where the fires are right now and the directions they may be heading. right now traffic in marin county does look good heading down to the golden gate bridge for southbound one-to-one traffic is easy on the way to san francisco. the good news is humidity is up and the wind is down this morning but the wind will pick up tonight. more on that coming up. this is the new comfort food.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, october 13. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm pam cook. we're getting new information on the fires. 31 deaths have been confirmed. that number is expected to rise. 300 square miles have burned. that area is now six times the size of san francisco. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. most of those in the city of santa rosa. 25,000 people have been forced out of their homes and 400 people are still reported missing. we are expecting an update soon. here are maps isolating some of the largest fires. the atlas fire has burned 44,000 acres. containment is at 7%. >> the partrick fire has burned nearly 11,000 acres and is 3%
6:31 am
contained. many of these fires have merged into one combined fire. >> nearly 10,000 firefighters are on the fire lines. >> christien kafton joins us from the sonoma county fairgrounds. i know they have set up complete cities out there. what's going on where you are? >> reporter: despite the hour this is a high will back to betty. it's generally a 24 hour shift. many firefighters are coming in and some are preparing to come off the lines. i was told that firefighters who are fighting active fire will remain in position until their relief comes to them. for those doing mop up operations or who have been cleared from the scene, they are coming back here to send the replacements out. we have scott mclean from cal fire here with an update on how things progressed overnight and perhaps what we could look at today. you said weather conditions
6:32 am
were favorable overnight and there was relatively little fire growth. >> writes. however we cannot be complacent. we are still working on containment lines. making them water and adding more. and we're getting inside the fires to get those hot spots contained. a breeze can take embers across fire lines. there are so many fires from the bay area and north. we have a lot of resources. we're getting equipment from washington, oregon, nevada and states surrounding california. the guard has been here with us shoulder to shoulder. we had 700 guard here originally. they had 1800 more heading our way. >> reporter: and we can see the firefighters here. i said before these are the firefighters that will be going out today to replace those that have been on the lines overnight. >> corrects.
6:33 am
we work 24 hour shifts. these individuals are coming in to get their supplies and getting extra hose and batteries. they will get their assignments and then head out as other resources come off. >> reporter: we will catch up with you after that briefing. that is when you will learn what you are in store for today. >> right. we will see what happened last night and yesterday and what is predicted and what our assignments will be. >> reporter: updates on the adobe fire and the atlas fire and other fires? >> over 43,000 acres. that's pretty much all i have on that particular fire. the tubbs fire, good news -- the containments are starting to go up. they go up small amounts but they are going up. the tubbs fire is about 25% contained as of this morning. that is over there -- that is a 35 acre fire.
6:34 am
the started north of calistoga and a matter of a few hours it's hitting santa rosa between 1 am and 3 am. if you travel and look at those areas, you would be amazed at the distraction. you go down to the atlas fire which was burning aggressively the other day, south toward berryessa, if you fires have burned together in mendocino. 36,000 acres as we speak. the pocket fire, a very aggressive fire. a lot of fuel burning inside the perimeter. those fires will continue to burn. we cannot be complacent. the public needs to understand that they need to pay attention to their surroundings and be careful. one example -- if you are towing a trailer, make sure your chains are fastened correctly. what i'm getting at, it only takes one spark to start a fire.
6:35 am
>> reporter: we will look to reconnect with you after that briefing to get a better idea of what we're looking at later today. thank you for your time. you can see that flauta firefighters pouring in here to the sonoma county fairgrounds to get that 7 am briefing. these are fresh firefighters coming in, were leaving those who have been on a 24 hour shift. these other firefighters that will replace those that are out there right now. those firefighters that are actually on the line of fighting active fire will remain in position until their reinforcements come to replace them at that location. for those that have been able to slow the fire growth or in a mop up operation, those firefighters will come off the lines and these firefighters will go out to replace them. it looks like a very busy day here as firefighters prepared to go out for another day.
6:36 am
>> and many of those no firefighters coming in are from out-of-state, right? >> reporter: from all over the place. throughout california. firefighters coming in from out of state. we heard of some coming in from reno and from all over to fight these fires. that gives a sense of how critical this operation is and how big this operation is. when you are fighting fires of 43,000 acres, you can imagine the manpower it takes to address a fire like that. that's what they are looking to handle out here. that's why they are bringing in so many reinforcements. >> very critical and we appreciate them coming to help us out. a critical 12 hours because of that red flag warning that will go into effect. >> it starts at 5 pm and the wind advisory starts at 11 pm. they get a break this morning.
6:37 am
there's hardly any breeze and it's colder. >> but it could be rough overnight. >> nothing like sunday and monday. the smoke advisory continues although air quality is better. a lot of this is wind direction driven. it all depends on this. napa, a little cooler, if you 30s and 40s. a high of 76 and not much of a breeze until later on. atlas peak northeast with 52% humidity. other location showed 78%, 82%, 80% and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. santa rosa, northeast at -- and 63%. the wind advisory starts at 11 pm mainly north and east bay hills. this looks to be stronger than wednesday. nothing similar to sunday and monday. that was a different situation.
6:38 am
gusts in the highest elevations late tonight and early saturday. 30s and 40s for temperatures. and kelseyville, 37. rotar park, 42. there's not much of a breeze even in the delta or the valley. fairfield and vacaville are west but less than 5 miles an hour. in mendocino county, there are some cold temperatures and higher humidity. 92%. there is a northerly direction. and freeze warning will go until 9 am. we are waiting for this system to go through the pacific northwest and on the backside the winds will pick up but not until later tonight into early saturday. highs today mainly in the 70s. good morning. you can see traffic is going to be busy in many areas. we start with the east bay.
6:39 am
we want to start with east shore freeway, traffic will be busy on 80 westbound driving in from the carquinez bridge to the maze yesterday at this time we had a longer delay. right now traffic is going to be moderate. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is about a 15-20 minute delay with no issues getting into san francisco. this is interstate 880 north- and southbound. traffic is not bad but it is getting busier. 680 southbound is still recovering from earlier issues on the sunol grade. it's a little slow on 680 out of pleasanton. 880 is a little slow from hayward as you drive into union city. in the south bay we have slow traffic on 101 getting into sunnyvale and mountain view. 85 and 280 are okay. let's get back to alex
6:40 am
savidge live in sonoma county on moon mountain road north of downtown sonoma and boyes hot springs. >> you for showing us that they have been setting backfires. >> reporter: this is an effort to make sure that this fire does not reach the city of sonoma itself. we are several miles north of downtown sonoma along moon mountain road. we will show the operation going on here. members of the oakland fire department are out here. they are monitoring this backfire. this is a backfire that was set by cal fire crews down this hillside to burn away some of these larger trees and brush. as this fire approaches from the north, hopefully, this will stop at this area. they are trying to use moon mountain road as a natural firebreak and make sure the fire does not go from the north side of the road to the south side of the road which would be a problem. south of here you have more homes in sonoma and the surrounding communities.
6:41 am
here along moon mountain road, as far as we know, no homes have been lost. this area is part of a mandatory evacuation zone. i want to show you video from yesterday. there was an aggressive attack in some of these communities around sonoma to protect homeless. there were a number of airdrops done in this area and we also had bulldozers on the ground carving out large fireworks, clearing away large trees. they have one break popped out here along moon mountain road. as we bring you back to a live picture. this is an area where firefighters are trying to make a stand. this is a crew from the oakland fire department monitoring this backfire >> thank you. appreciate that. be safe and tell the firefighters thank you as well. >> they are working hard.
6:42 am
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imagine what we can do for you. welcome back. the california public utilities commission once pg&e to preserve records pertaining to the wildfires.
6:45 am
>> the commission is looking into whether electrical lines in power poles knocked down by a windstorm on sunday played a possible role in these fires. the commission sent a letter to pg&e telling them to marco potential evidence to allow inspectors to analyze the power poles. some involve the tree trimming said it is complying with the request and has been sharing information with the state. the utility main goal is to protect lives and restore power. fires are burning north of ukiah and west of mendocino national forest. they have burned more than 34,000 acres with containment at 10%. eight people have died while 8000 have been evacuated. mendocino county sheriff said the changing wind patterns is the biggest concern right now. >> they are going 180 degrees one direction to the other at a very high rate. 30-40 miles per hour. it's very frustrating for both
6:46 am
cal fire and the residents and law enforcement. >> fire crews say the fire is burning in multiple directions and threatening about 100 homes. the sheriff said they most -- most phone service has been lost making communication difficult. in lake county the sulfur fire is 55% contained and has burn 2500 acres off highway 20 in the area of clearlake oaks. the lake county sheriff said 3000 evacuees have been allowed back home. the county is working to lift evacuation orders in other sections once they are cleaned up and power is restored. look at this video from the fire devastated neighborhood in santa rosa. this is video of a u.s. poster worker delivering mail on a street where most of the homes have burned to the ground. the drone operator capture the footage. officials say the carrier was fulfilling a request from some of the fire victims who asked
6:47 am
him to leave their mail if their mailbox was still standing. >> that makes a lot of sense. they may be waiting for some important things. hundreds of people in santa rosa's devastated coffey park neighborhood attended a church service last night held for fire victims. the community went to saint lucy catholic church to pray for those affected by the fires. the nearby cardinal newman high school was partially destroyed in the fire and student say the mass help the community come together. >> especially in times like this where it's tough to figure out what's going on and why it happened. especially to good people and a good community. it's nice to be comforted on the spiritual side of things. >> student say they are not sure what school will be like or how they will even attend classes moving forward. the devastation has taken a toll on everyone including the brave men and women working to
6:48 am
contain them. here is a picture that captures their hard work. it shows firefighters sleeping on the side of the road. one person who posted the photo wrote bless their hearts. so thankful for first responders. >> the woman who posted the picture said thankful for the family that fed my nephew tonight. >> very cool. >> everyone stepping in to help. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute this morning. i'm looking around at some of the information we get. fridays we usually have a better day. it's a little better today on some of these commutes. a 25 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze.
6:49 am
that's better than what we had a couple days ago. we had almost an hour and a half for this drive a couple days ago. i think the volume will be lower at the bay bridge. a 10 minute delay before you make it onto the span. we still have smoke in the air and you can see that on all my traffic cameras. 880 northbound is getting slower passed the coliseum. we've had a lot of slow traffic this morning in the east bay. fortunately, because of the lighter volume, the 680 commute has become better. it's slow out of pleasanton. we had an earlier problem on the sunol grade that has cleared up. 880 is slow from hayward as you drive into union city. all in all, on the optimistic side of things, it's a little better today than it has been the last few. it's a quiet forecast this
6:50 am
morning. it's also pretty cool. temperatures in the 30s and not much of a breeze. in the alexander valley it is picking up a little bit.maybe 10-15 miles per hour. air quality depends on wind direction and speed. most locations are unhealthy to very unhealthy. some in the south are in the poor category. and napa, 38 degrees with overcast smoke layers at 1500 feet. a high of 76 today. not much of a breeze. atlas become a 32% humidity. most humidity levels are pretty high. santa rosa, northeast at 12. 63%. wins north and 48 degrees. looking toward geyserville, and north wind. northwest. and up in cloverdale, north. the humidity continues to be
6:51 am
between 60% and 70%. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. the wind advisory kicks in tonight. 11 pm. a northerly breeze off shore. at the surface it should not be that bad. in higher elevations above 1000 feet, the possibility for gust between 45 and 53 saturday morning. 39, santa rosa. even on the peninsula there is some low 40s and upper 30s. petaluma, 43. in lake county, a west and southwest. and east and a west. it's all over the place. the humidity is pretty high. 58-88% especially if you have an onshore breeze. temperatures will depend on the wind direction which is not that strong right now. santa rosa says calm and it's not that bad in the delta as well. 18 at truckee. very cool temperatures.
6:52 am
the wind direction from the north and southeast, west, southwest. 89% humidity and ukiah. that could change on a dime. freeze warning is until 9 am. that is the system we're waiting on. after that goes through, the breeze will pick up. we get drier air and the winds will pick up tonight into saturday morning and it should start to decrease. warmer temperatures over the weekend. after that there should be less of a breeze but temperatures will be in the upper 80s by sunday into monday. the possibility for rain next thursday around santa rosa, calistoga and north. i think we will get something out of it. it looks promising for some. refusing to get help. bay area authorities trying
6:53 am
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. fear of ice agents may be keeping some people from going to the fire evacuation centers. >> that's right. shelter volunteers say some evacuees think they might be picked up and detained. volunteers say many of the evacuees fear their immigration status will be checked if they go to the shelters seeking help. however the sonoma sheriff's office says this is a time of crisis and it is not using shelter information to serve
6:56 am
outstanding warrants or other legal issues. evacuees do not to provide face and the purpose of taking names is to locate missing persons. he is the own of some wineries and called the destruction jaw dropping. >> i'm wearing two hats up here. i have 50 employees, four wineries. i have been living this real time. family members lost their homes. good friends, including former mayor frank jordan lost their home. for a lot of us, it is personal, not an abstract issue. i'm understanding on both sides and appreciating the magnitude of what is occurring. >> he promised that the state will be in this for the long haul. there are resources to help communities recover and deal with the loss of life, homes and businesses. well, the home of peanuts
6:57 am
creator charles shulz burned in the fire. the widow of charles shulz was able to escape but a lot of peanuts memorabilia was lost. the good news is most of the collection of the original comic scripps are at the shulz museum and research center in santa rosa and the museum was not damaged in the fire. several outdoor events this weekend, including big football games, could be affected by the smoke. a half marathon on sunday has been canceled. the raiders play on sunday. that game is going on as planned so far. stanford's homecoming game against oregon is set for saturday. they are keeping an eye on that situation. and cal faces washington state tonight. the school is monitoring the air quality index. ity index. >> right now, has not reached
6:58 am
the threshold to make any changes. as of now, we will play the game as scheduled but we will continue to look at it. >> athletes should not play outdoors if the index is 200. yesterday it was at 197. students have been able to pick up masks at human health services. faculty will be notified in the university will open on monday. celebrity chef guy fierre is doing what he does best to help those out on the fire lines. he cooked hot meals for the firefighters and fire victims and emergency workers. >> we're doing pulled pork and mac and cheese and doing cole
6:59 am
slaw and bean salad. we will be setting up near the fire lines. the firefighters get these big package meals that are awesome but nothing beats a hot meal. we're so happy to do it and we're sorry for our friends who have lost their homes. >> he says he is happy to pitch in in the form of comfort food. wildfires across the north bay continue to grow, inching ever closer to homes and businesses. the areas most at risk right now as thousands of firefighters work to gain control. >> reporter: morning briefing for firefighters just about to get underway. you see the large group of firefighters here waiting to figure out what happened over the last 12 hours and what they can expect for the next 12 hours. >> reporter: new voluntary evacuation orders issued overnight. we will talk about the areas affected and where we can see
7:00 am
the fire burning near oakville this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> the tail end of a busy week. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. >> there is promising news to share this morning regarding the north bay wildfires. just a short time ago a fire official told us on mornings on 2 that they are making progress in the tubs fire in the calistoga area. containment is now at 25%. it has burned 35,000 acres. we expect more updates from cal fire in the coming minutes. 31 confirmed fire-related deaths. if that changes, we will bring that to you. the fires have continued to burn some 300 square miles, an area six times the size of san francisco. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed, most in the city of santa rosa. >> here is a map of th


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